I. The Company

SimFabric S.A. operates in the video games market, specializing in porting games (converting games from one platform to another) to Nintendo Switch and PS4 consoles and desktops, and to produce its own games.

The most important product of the Company to date is the game titled Farm Expert 2018, which sold over 2.5 million copies in the mobile version. The company has copyrights to all published games.


The Issuer's products are sold all over the world, which means that players can buy the Issuer's products from anywhere via the Internet. This is a characteristic feature of games that are sold in the digital distribution model, mainly via the dedicated distribution platform Nintendo eShop. PlayStation Store and Steam, which is the largest distributor of PC games in the world.


The main assumption of the conducted activity is porting and publishing of several, low and medium budget and high margin games by dispersed small development teams. As a result, operational risk is reduced with an optimal response to unexpected random events occurring during project production. The company provides porting services based on publishing contracts for projects received from external entities, for which it becomes the game publisher, and in return the contractor receives a monthly commission on sales. Due to the high interest in such services, the Company does not rule out that it will provide more of this type of services in the future. The Issuer also performs elements of games, i.e. assets, at the request of other entities. And also provides asset subcontracting services and preparation of project documentation for games. In addition to operating on the video games market, the Company also concluded several contracts for the implementation of e-learning materials and audio materials.